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red sky in the morning

Red Sky in the Morning (PB) - Elizabeth Laird

Anna was the only child in her family until her little bother ,Ben, was born with hydrocephalus that made her brother different from other children and he had a big head.Ben had to take a long time to learn something new and when he was 2 he still behave like a babby. Despite Ben condition,Anna loves him, far more than she could ever have imagined she would love anyone.


Anna spend a long time just to teach Ben how to kiss and cuddle.but she kept Ben condition a secret in her school, was afraid she would get made fun . wherever Anna brought her brother people would stare and look disgudted at ben behavior and looks.

Anna would had to sometimes stand up for ben and she will feel shy.Unfortunately after all the hard work Ben die at tyhe bend of the story.


my favorite character in the story is anna as didn''"t give up on her brother despite the shame . sometimes she would feel like giving up from all the hate and stress but she did'"t care and continue help her beloved brother .